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Simple Hacks For Busting Stress At Work

Simple Hacks For Busting Stress At Work

Stress isn’t always as obvious as tension headaches and a foul mood. Low energy levels, distraction, boredom eating can all be signs of stress, and the slow-burn effects can be pretty damaging to your health.

Managing stress at work relies on taking a step back and being as objective as possible about your behaviour. What does your routine look like? Do you find yourself giving in to the temptation to check Facebook every five minutes? If daily life is feeling a bit hazy, not quite as sharp as you’d like, we’ve got a few tips which could help to bust you out of that rut and refocus.

Diet and supplementation

The healthiest behaviours start on the inside, and it really does matter what you fuel your body with. Your short- and long-term energy levels rely on good food and appropriate supplements to keep you steady throughout the day, and while the odd biscuit or slice of cake is fine, eating whole foods like nuts and fruit is better all-round.

Some of our favourite healthy snacks:

  • Nut butters like peanut or almond (spread on brown toast, apple slices or straight from the jar)
  • Berries (blueberries are a great source of antioxidants)
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Hummus and pita bread
  • Home-made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Supplements, too, can help to lift the brain fog that comes with stress, refocusing your mind. Here are a few of our recommendations:

myvitamins Complete Focus – An effective blend of B vitamins and plant extracts to clear the cobwebs and switch on the lights

myvitamins B Complex – For a healthy nervous system and strong, sustained energy levels

myvitamins Vitamin C – Keep your immune system moving and your skin clear and bright

myvitamins Zinc and Magnesium – Take in tandem with vitamin C for comprehensive immune system protection

myvitamin Vitamin D3 – One of our favourites, and essential for the absorption of calcium

Take note of your environment

With diet and supplementation taken care of, it’s time to take that step back – literally, if you like – to assess your workspace. Where and how you work have a surprising impact on your stress levels and productivity. Do you sit at a tiny, cluttered desk? Do you eat there? How often do you stand up and stretch?

Our top tips for creating a better working environment:

Structure your day – Whether that’s with a to-do list, or calendar alerts, having specific jobs to tick off can lead to a greater sense of achievement, lowering your stress levels.

Stretch – Sitting for too long is one of the top productivity killers, and one of the most generous contributors to stress. Make a point of standing and stretching – going for a walk – every 20 minutes or so.

Change the view – If possible, get a new perspective. Switch desks, work somewhere else, or do your note-making outside.

Find a good playlist – Many people find that listening to music helps them to concentrate and get more done, easing stress. Often, music without lyrics is best for concentration.

Busting stress at work is often a matter of altering your perspective. We’re all busy, but nothing is more important than good health. Take some time to notice where you might be falling down, and make a change.

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Dan Lane

Dan Lane

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