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The Health & Beauty Wonders Of Coconut Oil

The Health & Beauty Wonders Of Coconut Oil

Every month there seems to be a new ‘superfood’ out on the market, but rarely has a food gone through as dramatic a transformation from dietary villain to superhero as the coconut oil. Coconut oil is often said to be THE ONE superfoods that could work wonders for both your health and beauty. And it’s not entirely without reason! From beating sugar cravings to aiding weight loss, there are more benefits to coconut oil than most of us realise – and here’s why.

The oil itself is extracted from the ‘meat’ inside of the coconut and is the most concentrated food source of saturated fats. And now you may hear alarm clocks ringing, but you are yet to be surprised. Recent research has shown that despite being high in saturated fat, the saturated fats in coconut oil appears to be more neutral in its effect on the human body than first anticipated. And why is that?

Well, coconut oil contains something called ‘short term medium-chain saturated fatty acids’ (MCFAs), which is the healthy form of saturated fat compared to e.g. trans fat found in vegetables. And because our body metabolises medium-chain saturated fatty acids in the liver immediately, and thereby convert the fatty acids into energy rather than storing it as fat, coconut oil becomes such a ‘powerful’ source to both health and beauty.

Coconut oil comes in so many shapes and forms, so why take it in a capsule? A capsule offers a more concentrated form of coconut oil and gives you the ability to adjust the dosage of coconut oil, which is key to retrieve all the benefits. As with anything else, starting a new beauty regime, exercise plan, weight loss journey etc., it takes about 1-1.5 month before your body starts noticing the benefits and for you to start feeling and seeing results. So be patient – with coconut oil you can’t go wrong!


So, what does coconut oil actually do? Let’s go a little deeper in the formulation of this well-recognised health and beauty supplement and find out what makes it so effective…

  • Control sugar cravings
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients
  • Increases metabolism and aids weight loss
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Hydrates the skin & slow fine lines

Coconut Oil has been proven to fight sugar cravings with its good quality fat, which is more satisfying and fulfilling than carbs. With proper amounts of healthy fats and protein, we can fuel energy reserves in the body properly and with this come off the sugar roller coaster many of us are on.

The unique combination of fatty acids in Coconut Oil has a powerful effect on metabolism, namely with its important thermogenic-property that increases metabolism and thereby your body’s ability to burn fat. Metabolism varies a lot from person to person, and just because you may be on the same weight loss diet or training plan as your best friend, doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same weight loss results. Obviously there are a lot of factors going into this equation, including your body’s metabolism.

Coconut Oil contains the two ingredients, lauric acid and caprylic acid, both known for preventing yeast overgrowth (candida) alongside any bacterial infections. Taking Coconut Oil hasn’t scientifically been proven to to cure any diseases despite being the superfood of all superfoods, but its anti-viral properties has been through extensive research and has proven to prevent certain virus-breakouts including herpes and influenza.

What about the beauty benefits? Well, Coconut Oil is a wonderfully hydrating treat for the skin. Not only does it keep the skin’s connective tissues strong, it also promotes a healthy glow of the skin and soften the appearance of fine lines when taken regularly over a longer period of time. The beauty benefits of coconut oil are truly remarkable, and probably the reason why its grown into a lot of peoples beauty regimes.

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Liane Dellgren

Liane Dellgren

Writer and expert