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Can Caffeine Counteract Inflammation?

Can Caffeine Counteract Inflammation?

Nothing says ‘good morning’ like a warm mug of coffee (preferably made by a barista). If it’s not because of its warm comforting feel or full-bodied flavour, it’s probably because of its incredible energy-boosting properties that will make you somewhat less resentful for getting out of bed.

So we were very shocked and pleasantly surprised when we saw a recent study that found evidence of caffeine counteracting gut inflammation. It’s not very often something that a lot of us can’t live without turns out to ACTUALLY have some health benefits – yes I’m talking about delicious cured meats (cancer-inducing properties), yummy ice-cream (a diabetic’s nightmare) and wheat in general (bloating, for some) – so this was something that certainly caught our eye!

Caffeine is different, it has special properties. It’s not only good for giving you that get-up-and-go mentality, it’s also great for boosting a healthy digestive system, working to build on the good gut bacteria that thrives in the stomach, and helps reduce inflammation of the cells.

Inflammation is associated with swelling, redness, pain and loss of organ function, i.e. it’s not very nice. This is why keeping inflammation to a minimum is so important. And what better way to boost a healthy body than with a delicious dose of energy-boosting caffeine?!

The study by Stanford University School of Medicine found that caffeine and its metabolites may counter the action of inflammation by breaking down the nucleic acid metabolites that typically induce inflammation. Regular caffeine consumption, therefore promotes a healthier digestive system, and can also fight against human ageing and chronic diseases associated with inflammation. For more information on the study, take a look here.

If all that caffeine chat has left you craving a hot cuppa java, you should definitely check out our range of beanies flavoured coffee, at 2kcal a cup you’ve got no excuse not to!

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