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Bean Body Scrubs Have Joined Myvitamins

Bean Body Scrubs Have Joined Myvitamins

We all know that health and beauty comes from within, but sometimes our bodies just need a treat! This is why, at Myvitamins, we’re expanding our range of health and beauty products so that not only can you feel in tip top condition inside but outside too! We’re excited to be kick starting our health and beauty range with a selection of Bean Body Coffee Scrubs.

What are Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrubs?

Bean Body Scrubs work hard to improve skins imperfections whilst including delicious-smelling ingredients to leave skin feeling soft and nourished. Each scrub contains Robusta coffee beans which are utilised to gently scrub your body to stimulate blood flow whilst organic cold-pressed coconut oil hydrates and softens your skin to leave you feeling smooth from head to toe!

Bean Body Scrubs are ideal for people with eczema and psoriasis due to their blend of Himalayan pink rock salt and Demerara sugar which work hard to buff away dead skin cells. If you’re a sufferer of blackheads or uneven skin, this blend of ingredients will also help to eliminate blackheads and breakouts to give you more refined and smoother skin!

What do Bean Body Coffee Scrubs contain?

Each Bean Body Coffee Scrub contains high quality ingredients to leave your body feeling luxurious, smooth and more refined:

Robusta coffee beans, Himalayan pink rock salt, organic cacoa, vitamin E oil and organic cold-pressed coconut oil.

The ingredients in the scrubs are cruelty free and they contain no animal or animal bi-products, making them an ideal exfoliating skincare treat for those who follow a vegan lifestyle!

Leanne Dempsey

Leanne Dempsey

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