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6 Awesome Ways To Stay Hydrated | T+ Guest Blog

6 Awesome Ways To Stay Hydrated | T+ Guest Blog

Happy New Year guys! Christmas is a time for major indulgence and so January is usually the month that revolves around detoxing, health and some sort of new miracle diet. This is the perfect time of year for New Year’s resolutions, goals and new ambitions which will probably require more trips to the gym as usual, so with an increase in physical activity comes even more focus on staying properly hydrated. If like us, you’ve eaten one too many mince pies this Christmas and are on that New Year health kick, it may be worth checking out these 6 super easy ways to hydrate this January and play the part in that overall new year, new you health goal.

1. Notice the signs

There’s plenty of things to look out for to indicate that you’re not drinking enough water. If you’re feeling thirsty, have dry mouth, are light-headed, can’t focus well, feel tired or notice your skin is dry, then you’re probably dehydrated and need to increase the overall amount of water you’re drinking.

2. Drink plenty of water


Drinking water can give your immune system a boost and helps prevent you from getting sick during peak cold and flu season. If you’re getting bored of plain water why not mix things up a little bit and keep fruit in the freezer (lemons, limes, strawberries etc.) and add to your water bottle when you need it for immediate, natural flavoured water.

3. Post-activity hydration


If an ice cold drink doesn’t appeal to you as much in these sub-zero temperatures, try having a warm beverage instead – they count as fluids too! Our new generation of nutrient dense, healthy teas contain powerful botanicals and 50% RDA in C and B vitamins to give an added nutrient kick, making it the perfect pre and post workout pick me up.

4. Eat your water


No we don’t mean literally eat a whole bowl of ice cubes (I mean you can if you want to) but many fruits and vegetables have a high water intake. Broccoli, celery, watermelon and strawberries are just a few foods that are great sources of water that also taste pretty great too and deliver additional nutrients in the process.

5. Get outside more


Staying inside throughout the chilly months with the fire on and the windows firmly shut can often dry your body out. Take a brisk morning walk whenever you can to take advantage of the moisture in the air outside.

6. Plan ahead


A bottle of water should be your best friend during any workout. If you’re exercising outside throughout January and have a bottle of water in hand (this especially applies to all the runners out there) try using hand warmers between your hand and the bottle to help keep warm.

It’s recommended that we should be drinking around 2 litres (8 glasses of water) each day. If you feel like you’re not getting enough then try these little tips to hopefully give you a push in the right direction. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017.

Love, team t plus



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